Monda Vakantieparken
Waterside summer holiday

Summer vacation by the water

  • Summer holiday in Friesland, Gelderland, or Flevoland
  • At the IJsselmeer or Veluwemeer
  • Perfect for water (sports) lovers

Waterside summer holiday

You can have a great summer holiday on the waterside! Monda Vakantieparken has two holiday homes at the Veluwemeer and one holiday park at the IJsselmeer. The direct location on the waterside allows for many water activities. From sailing, water skiing, and surfing, to sailing a boat and swimming. You can enjoy your summer holiday in Friesland, Gelderland, or Flevoland. All parks feature both camping sports and accommodations. Do you prefer to go camping or to rent a holiday home in the summer holiday?

Find your ideal waterside summer holiday


Experience unforgettable water adventures


Go for a refreshing dip in the Veluwemeer or the IJsselmeer during your sun vacation. Who are you taking into the water with you?

Renting a boat

Step aboard your rented boat and let the rippling water be your guide along the beautiful waters.


Get rested while sunbathing on the beach. This way, you will return from your summer vacation rested and tanned.

Water sports

Are you a true water–sports lover? Have fun while surfing, sailing, water skiing, and much more!


A sample of your summer vacation by the water

A sunny stay at Monda Vacation Parks

Let the sun shine on your face during your stay by the IJsselmeer or the Veluwemeer, while you enjoy your me–time. Whether you choose a camping adventure along the water or a unique accommodation, such as a bungalow, beach house or apartment, our vacation parks offer the ideal setting for your summer vacation by the water. Leave your daily worries behind during your well–deserved vacation and enjoy tranquility, comfort, and plenty of water fun.

Summary of your summer vacation:

  • In Gelderland, Friesland, or Flevoland
  • By the IJsselmeer or the Veluwemeer
  • Unique bungalows, beach homes, and apartments
  • Experience water–sports adventures

Questions from other sun lovers:

☀️ Can I go on vacation with my boat at Monda Vacation Parks?

Our vacation parks Soal Beach Resort and Aqua Centrum have a marina where you can dock your boat. The marinas at our vacation parks are the perfect base for a boating trip on the IJsselmeer or the Veluwemeer.

☀️ Is the entertainment team present during the summer vacation?

Absolutely! During all school vacations, the entertainment team is ready to ensure that everyone has an unforgettable vacation at Monda Vacation Parks. Take your vacation friends by the hand and experience the nicest activities for young and old, such as playing games and sports!